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I found all these little faces trapped here, in a burnt waffle. There was nothing I could do to help. So I ate it anyway.

I feel it would have tasted much better with maple syrup (and cream). A dry old burnt waffle ain’t all that… especially with this little lot screaming silently at you.

Actually now I look at the photo, you will think I am quite mad if I post it on here… so I won’t. Just watch out for the little waffle people when you next indulge. They really are there.


This was a comment that came in via internet marketing spam… but the writer seems to be a Kim Malone and actually once I had got past the idiosyncratic punctuation and layout I loved it.

It’s about a dog called Waffle.
I think the ‘red boxes’ are traffic lights if that helps any and I have edited the layout for ease of reading. Thanks Kim, wherever you are. I dedicate this post to all black labradors and especially to Jerry who has been brave as a bear all week. Keep getting better lad.

the ride home from my parents seemed extra long.

it could be the sheer exhaustion felt by all of us from the day before spent at WORLDS OF the 105 degree heat.i was having flashbacks of africa….all the walking around….sweating everywhere….in flip flops.

it could be that our AC is almost dead in our (stupid dumb) truck so it had to be BLASTING.i don’t like to listen to that for very could be that we had to stop at 2 redboxes because our dvd was scratched at the1st one.and when we are not driving fast (or waiting at a red box) the AC doesn’t work at could be the illusion of slow driving because of highway construction on our “faster” route.


but whatever it was….waffle and i were i took pictures of him.because he was two inches from my face panting his dog breath all over me.

i think he likes attention.
serious waffle.
“don’t make me sing” blue steel waffle.
happy waffle.
trying-not-to-make-eye-contact waffle.

this one is my favorite. i took all of these pictures by holding out my arm in front of me and waffle.

i gave him a flea bath tonight.he was very unhappy with me.