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Unrequited love for the Stow

You might remember that pain from when you were younger (in my case) when someone you had set your heart on has drifted off somewhere to discover themselves, or worse still to discover someone else. Neverthelss whilst they live you have hope. That’s how I feel about greyhound racing since Walthamstow closed.

I could go off and snog Romford Dogs, owned by Coral, or take myself to Crayford, owned by Ladbrokes but why would I when at the back of my mind is the notion that one day, one very sweet day, the lights might be turned back on at the Stow?

In the meantime, whilst I pine away, Ricky Holloway continues the fight to bring racing back with his Save Our Stow campaign. In summary, as far as I understand it, the Housing Association that own the site can’t develop it, but continue to refuse to sell it back to the greyhound industry. One suspects a dodgy covenant with the Chandlers who closed it down. Snarl.

Anyhow, the latest is that greyhound royalty in the shape of the Morton Family of Westmead ownership fame are submitting plans to the council and offering to buy out the stubborn owners. The plans propose a mixed development of racing and affordable housing, a scheme that has worked well at Dublin’s Shelbourne Park.

Bob Morton’s son Robert who manages the track at Henlow rates their chances of bringing racing back as only 40% at the moment.

*Flings self face down on bed. Sobs*

It's you or me

I love this photo of a greyhound at Galway track by Patrick Dinneen. I asked his permission to use it a while back when I hoped for
Greyhound Racing Returns to Walthamstow headlines, but it’s too good to sit on for whenever that may happen, so here it is.

Fingers crossed. Whilst I am waiting for a change Patrick sent me this too.

A night at the dogs - Galway racetrack