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Innerer Klang

I need to find some. It’s nothing to do with the those funny little Clangers that lived on a planet far away, rather it is how Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky described the inner sound of art. That is to say how contemplation of the outer reveals something of the inner.

On reflection, that’s what I think might have been missing from some of Damien Hirst’s work. It’s like trying to find the Innerer Klang in the repeat pattern of a roll of wallpaper.

Or, maybe, if you listen too hard for something you won’t hear it anyway; too easily drowned out by the white noise in your own head…

A Clanger and, my favourite, the Soup Dragon

Damien Hirst Wallpaper - too much Klang, or not enough?

Kandinsky, Sketch 2 for Composition VII

Equality & Diversity in Aesthetics


I’ve not got time at the moment. Maybe later.


This piece is by Wassily Kandinsky: I like its expressive movement and colour. It’s title is no surprise; Kandinsky often referred to the fact that he not only saw colours but heard them. He also wrote some interesting stuff about aesthetics and spirituality in art and was influenced by Theosophy, a theme that keeps popping up from time to time in my own reading.

But as I am not studying art, I currently have to cram at least one theory about learning a week. This week I have had a violent theoretical disagreement with Noam Chomsky and his Universal Grammar and Language Acquisition Device. Can I ignore this theory if I hate it? I asked. No was the answer, you must mention Chomsky, Chomsky is key. If you want, you may disagree offering scientific evidence for such heresy. For the purposes of getting the assignment boxes ticked would I really be bothered to waste the word count of a miser in argument with the wisdom of the day? It depresses me, but I will probably just end up quoting Chomsky obediently for a quiet life and a pass? Maybe I can weave in the marvellous, zinging Kandinsky and the following quote to sugar the prescribed pill…

There is no must in art because art is free.