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Funny sort of word when you look at it…


Anyway, I’ve a relative who married in a beautiful setting last week; private Tuscan villa set in verdant hills with cottages and private chapel… you get the gist. It’s a small (and undoubtedly expensive) venue and naturally numbers were limited to close friends and relatives only i.e. not me! And that’s all fine yannow, but I would really like to see some pictures. And it’s here that social media and the smartphone and people wanting to stuff the tricks back in the box seem to collide: there are no photos. Well there are, but they must be the official ones.

I’ve read about these new wedding edicts lately. How brides and grooms don’t like poor quality mobile shots of them gurning posted all over the old FaceAche, before they’ve even hit the dance floor. And how they don’t want their official shots ruined by guests waving smart phones or tablets in all directions. How they want their guests to be in the moment of the thing, rather than stuck behind a screen. So when photography is banned at the wedding, I can take the point. On the other hand, how many lovely moments get missed from the perspective of Not the Official Photographer? It’s a tricky one. If it were me, I think I’d trust my guests’ judgement. Probably.

It should be added, for the sake of context, that in this case, one of the parties is a professional photographer, so one can understand the need for strict editorial control. And naturally I wish them a long and happy marriage, in front of, and behind the camera.

*and as if by magic (which the blog truly is) I pop over to FB to find one beautiful picture, released by the groom in which everyone looks fantastic.