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‘Life? Life enjoys me…’

So said the septuagenarian Glen Campbell on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme yesterday morning. The guy has been diagnosed with alzheimers but continues to perform and is releasing a new album.

I saw him a few years ago and I had to resist the urge to touch the hem of his trousers, I was that near the front. Two reasons really, one it would be my only chance to touch someone who had touched Elvis, and secondly because he worried me by walking awful close to the edge.

There is no favourite Glen Campbell song. I picked this because I liked the JP McManus horse of the same name who won an epic battle at the Cheltenham Festival one year; sadly no longer with us.

I never knew what a lineman actually was until I saw this video. I think I thought it was some kind of traffic cop. I’m rather glad it’s not.