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Waves on Wood

2015-04-28 21.09.22

Flaking Paint Box Wood

I found this a few weeks ago on a dog walk, stuffed in some bamboo. It came home muddy, minus the slug I scraped off. I had intended to clean it a little and photo, but time passed, as it does, and when I got round to it yesterday, much of the paint that was left on the lower section had flaked off.

There are reasons I do this. It’s just that, at the moment, I can’t articulate them really.

Does it make sense without a rationale? Are things ‘better’ with a statement of intention? Yes, probably and no, probably. It’s something to do with accessibility maybe. Who the hell knows.


Beach Photos

One of the things I like about taking a camera out with me is that I can look at something familiar in a different way. Over the next day or two I will put up a few photos from the beach.

This is the top of one of the wooden groynes at Chalkwell. The shape reminded me a bit of the outline of Africa. I was also reminded of David Hockney who was on the television recently describing the shifting colours of a familiar landscape; he spoke of ‘violet roads’.

I see what he means.


Telegraph Pole Appreciation Day

Yes, it’s today. I had no idea. Seriously.

I saw a telegraph pole on the street last week that interested me and took photo of it a few days ago, something I could use on the blog over the coming weeks. Then, in one of those moments of the most amazing serendipity, when I was googling up telegraph poles this morning I came up with this post from the Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society.

On this special day they urge us to

get outside and….

hug a telegraph pole
take a photgraph of one
climb one
write a poem about one
admire one

Job done.


Le désespoir…

It’s that time of year, n’est-ce pas?

Must be the government, the cold, the impending deadline & the Christmas thingummyjig.

The boredom, the hunger, the despair

Here’s a French proverb: La faim chasse le loup hors du bois ~ Hunger drives the wolf out of the wood.