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Light & Shade

This is the kind of thing I’d like to paint one day. This was a photo I took of a metal ship’s container (painted camouflage-style) that was being used to store things in the woods near the Secret Nuclear Bunker in Kelvedon Hatch, Essex. I find it really hard to pass weathered painted metal without wanting to take a picture; I like the peeling layers of paint mixed with rust.

There are some really accomplished photographers who sometimes drop by here and ‘like’ a post. This makes me feel happy and also that I should make more effort! I don’t really know what to do on the technical side with a camera, I just make it up as I go along, and often all I have is a rubbish mobile phone on me to work with. However, I have noticed that some photographers edit their shots to various, and presumably better effect. Many computers ago I had Photoshop, now I have nothing so fancy, but looking at other people’s work has made me occasionally try to use my own limited resources sometimes to tweak a shot. Here, I had a bit of fun drawing out the russet and golden hues, stopping a bit short of a gleaming gold leaf, which still contrasts with an almost, but perhaps not quite, Yves Klein blue.

I am drawn to Gerhard Richter’s abstract work, I found a corrugated iron fence last year that I loved and took a snap of here. I think my ships’s container shot above was a sort of homage to this kind of piece by him. Like yesterday’s all these links are subconscious until I get home and start looking at the images and seeing what words arise. Like Isaac Asimov wrote, I am ‘thinking with my fingers’. It’s a good way to spend another grey, cold and cloudy summer’s evening.

Gerhard Richter – Abstract Painting 780-1 1992