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Forever – Thumbhatman (A video response to Chris Brown)

and hell does Chris Brown need one, badass mutha.

I know I’ll have to leave the music to the kids one day, but I am hanging in there and embarrassing them whilst I can.

I really like this tune, it makes me feel ten years younger and it would be just the kind of thing I would make a trolleyed pilgrimage off to Charlie Chan’s sticky floor in Hoxton to dance to at 2 a.m.  As it is, I would never have had their delicate interpretation of the tune – check out the “Sean Connery Eyebrow”, the “Usain Bolt”, the “Standing Around With Nowt To Do Move” and a whole new take on “Ecstasy”…

Cheesy but cool –  just kids hanging out in the ‘burbs enjoying themselves.  I particularly dig the arthouse shot down the side return with the wheelie bin/trash can, plus cardboard boxes.  And don’t miss the lanky lad killing it on the crazy paving…

*Thumbs up* Thumbhatman.