Mongolia and Cape Verde

I haven’t been to either of these countries, but I’d like to.  It’s a terrible thing to feel like a wanderer at heart with a fear of flying (even though the hypnotherapy has helped enormously on that front, it’s not gone entirely.

What these two very different places have in common is that someone, somewhere in both of these countries has visited my blog.  (I know this because WordPress helpfully provide a map of where readers come from, with flags!)  Actually, the one Mongolian reader hasn’t visited much recently which makes me a bit sad.   In my mind it was just one person, somewhere in the Mongolian Steppes, wilfing around the net in a wifi enabled ger.   Of course, I don’t know this, but it’s the image I had anyway.

Who knows why, or how, some readers get here.  Who knows if they read at all, or just surf on.  Either way, it’s quite nice to be part of the whole thing, a little drop in the ocean of world wide white water.

Here are a few shots of a yurt I spent a night in recently.  If you are interested in eco camping, this is where we went.  Needless to say, the girls loved it, especially the jungle shower.  When darkness fell, the stars were quite spectacular and, perhaps because the farmers were out late harvesting, the air was thick with moths like I have never seen in my whole life – and I grew up country style.

All yurts and gers are not equal.  They are constructed with slightly different shapes and in Mongolia they cover theirs with felt, this one was canvas.  I took the time to study how it had been put together quite hard.  One day, I want one.




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