From Garage to Dubstep

There’s this really cool lady who I work with. We started teaching at the same time and, unusually, in the same room at the same time – she was numeracy and I was literacy. I’ve not shared a room that successfully since.

Now we travel together each week on a new journey, and I am not sure I would be able to do it without her.

On the way there we are all about the music (it’s ours kids and we might not give it back); on the way home it is the oppressed masses, the exploitation of women and banging on David Cameron’s shiny door to point our fingers in his spam face.

Anyway Fay: this one’s for you. And it’s for me. We are halfway to being blue ducks…

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  1. It would definitely be much more mundane without our chance to ‘off-load,’ critique music and discuss the perils of motherhood! – that keeps me going and ready for the next 12 week instalment.

    – great track by the way –

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